Valencia Film School




The film program is production intensive and focuses on technical training in Film Production. Emphasis is placed upon developing production-related skills in the following areas: camera, grip, electrical, sound, editing, set construction and production skills (i.e Production Management, Assistant Directing & Production Assisting). Technical prerequisite courses are designed to develop fundamental technical skills and broaden future placement possibilities. The program length is expected to be 2 to 3 years for full time students and 3 to 4 years for part time students. We offer a technical certificate for students who have earned a bachelor's degree and/or have industry experience and want to sharpen their production skills.



Film Production Technology   


A.S. Degree

Our Associates in Science degree is a two-year degree that includes an Entertainment Technology Technical Certificate. Advanced Courses only start in the fall semester. During the advanced courses, students take classes as a cohort. 



Technical Certificate

Our Film Fundamentals Technical Certificate is similar to the A.S. Degree, but requires a bachelor’s degree or higher to apply. This is a limited access certificate and enrollment in this certificate program is contingent upon approval by the Film Department and the East Campus Division of Arts & Entertainment. To apply you must complete an application, which is usually available in April and due by end of May. For information regarding the Technical Certificate, please contact Program Chair, Eric Fleming, directly. (407) 582-2413 or




To view the Program Requirements, course details or additional info for our A.S. Degree and Technical Certificate, click HERE