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Film Production Technology


The Film Production Technology program offers an intensive curriculum of experiential learning that immerses students in the entire filmmaking process. We nurture passionate storytellers while training our students in the technical aspects of film production - from pre through post-production. Our classroom moves from lectures to workshops to partnerships with film and television productions, during which our students work as the crew and learn from distinguished industry professionals.


Program News & Updates


On April 13th, the 2018-19 class pulled off a successful event: the 24th Annual Film Celebration. Over 200 people attended the day-long, Blade Runner-themed event, and over $4k was raised for our students’ Summer shorts. The Celebration premiered the short films of last year’s class, and, for the first time ever, featured some cool, student-taught workshops, including: Adjusting the Focus, in which attendees learned the role of the 1st Assistant Camera on a professional set, Lights, Camera, Slate!, where attendees learned the purpose of the “clapperboard” before a scene begins, and Boom, Boom Operator, where attendees learned to capture crisp, and clear audio using professional sound equipment. Along with the workshops and films, audiences enjoyed their time drinking, eating, walking down the red carpet, taking awesome (and embarrassing) pictures, meeting old friends, and even donating to Homeless Harry. Cheers to another successful Celebration! Twenty-four-years strong and looking forward to more!

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Bad Boys 3

April 2019

We would like to congratulate our Alumni and recent students who just wrapped the Miami unit on the set of Bad Boys 3. We enjoy seeing our students applying skills and techniques learned in the classroom professionally in the field. Bad Boys 3, tentatively titled ‘Bad Boys For Life’, was shooting in Miami over the last 2 weeks and will spend around $10 million by the end of their time shooting in South Florida. The movie is set to release in January of 2020. We’re so glad to see these movies filming here in Florida again.


Mind The Gap

March 2019

“Mind The Gap” Writer and Director Ilana Marks holds a local sold out premiere Thursday, March 21st. This film stars Erin Beute who was on “The Vampire Diaries” and Tanya Christiansen, a Sarasota based actress who was in “The Hate U Give”. “Mind The Gap”. is a psychological comedy about an off-Broadway actress whose life begins to unravel when her husband leaves her. It was made with the help of the Valencia Film Program Students from 2015 and alumni when they shot locally in Orlando.

New School of Arts & Entertainment Building


We've moved into new facilities as of August 2017. The state of the art facilities include:

  • 125 seat screening theater with 4k projector and Dolby Atmos immersive sound

  • 2600 square foot sound stage

  • Editing suites, Foley and Dolby Atmos immersive mixing stage

  • Production offices

For more information about the building, click HERE.

Diversity Mission Statement:

The Valencia College Film Production Technology program is committed to the cultivation of ideas, values and creative projects from diverse voices. This diversity is reflected in our student body and creative endeavors, manifested in a rich tapestry of ethnicity, gender identity, values, beliefs, cultural perspectives. Beyond a typical institutional diversity statement, it is a theory that informs our mission. In reaction to institutionalized discrimination against women and minorities in the film and television industry, Valencia College’s Film Production Technology program aggressively advances diversity in enrollment and encourages the development of creative projects that reflect the perspectives and experiences of our diverse community. Valencia College alumni and professional partners will carry these values of inclusion and equity into the industry and challenge the traditional representations of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.