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Open Casting Call

Open Casting Call


Short Films

Friday May 3rd, 2019 & Friday May 10th, 2019

Valencia Film Program is casting SEVEN (7) short films of various genres (e.g. Horror, Comedy, Drama) for their final film projects. The roles are unpaid, but participants will receive screen credit. Film dates vary between mid-June to late July.

The Radio 

James wakes up confused and alone in an abandoned city. The city is lit up, yet there is no one around. Music starts to blare through the empty streets. James frantically searches for the source of the music, but he can feel something is following him. Is this just a bad dream, or something worse?

 Sleight of Hand

A story about a self-pitying man named Jerrold who feels powerless in all his endeavors. The one thing that helps him feel powerful is his online fantasy games, but they are the very reason his life is so mediocre. Jerrold ends up making a deal with the devil, but the devil is tricky, and when the devil is at play, Jerrold has to face the cards that he is dealt with.

Delivery to Evil

When Shawn, a pizza delivery driver, arrives at his last delivery of the night, he finds himself trapped in a deadly situation, struggling to survive. Will Shawn make it out alive, or will the horrors of the night overpower him? 

 Moving Bodies

After finding a dead body in their barn, two brothers must decide whether to take care of it or to leave it while they watch their favorite team play in the Super Bowl. 

 When the Smoke Fumes

Set in early 2000s Brooklyn, Emma struggles with the sudden death of her husband Frank, an FDNY firefighter.

Jeanine Becomes a Star

After a mental breakdown sparked by an AARP card, high school drama teacher Jeanine must enlist the help of Alex, a slacker student who has a knack for counterfeiting ID’s. By changing her age from 65 to 35 Jeannie gives herself one final shot at fame before she’s officially a senior citizen…again.

From Heart to Pen

Eleven-year-old Penny uses writing as an escape from the woes of her parents’ failing marriage. Vying for her affection, her two imaginary friends fight for the lead role in one of her stories – ultimately changing Penny’s life forever.

Casting Dates and Times:

Friday, May 3rd– 11am to 4pm

(No appointment necessary)

 Friday, May 10th– 2pm to 5pm 

(No appointment necessary)

 Location: Valencia College, East Campus

                 School of Arts and Entertainment Building

Screening Theater, Room 133

                 701 N. Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, FL 32825


Please come prepared with a short monologue of your choice.