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Phantom Noise

Short Film: Phantom Noise



CASTING CALL for Short film

Title: Phantom Noise

Student Short, Non-Union, Non-paid.

Synopsis: John is an unassuming guy with an average job and an average life. After receiving a pair of earphones from a mysterious research company, John’s hearing becomes to deteriorate, revealing a more sinister plot.


John – Male, any race; 30-35 years old; protagonist – must show dramatic range

Bob – Male, any race; 30-35 years old; the impossibly perky next-door neighbor with the impossibly perfect front lawn

Doctor – Male or Female; 30-50 years old, any race.

Homeless Man – male, any race; 40-50 years old, at first glance he might seem completely oblivious. But he may know more than he lets on.

Receptionist – female, any race; 20-50 years old

Woman – female, any race; 25-35 years old

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

If you have any questions, please email